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The purpose of this study was to analyze the factors affecting the behavior of the championship sports managers with the scenario planning approach. The statistical population of the research is the principals, vice president of sport championship federations, the National Olympic Committee, and the Ministry of Sports and Youth and the sports management professors of the universities of the country. For statistical sample 32 individuals were selected purposefully. The data gathering tool and method included two matrix questionnaires. Impact questionnaire and uncertainty questionnaire. First, among the 64 primary factors, 21 factors were identified, then in the third questionnaire, a 21-dimensional 21-dimensional questionnaire was completed by the experts and the data were analyzed by the Mick-Mac software. The findings of this study showed that 7 factors of the comprehensive championship program, continuous support system, comprehensive scouting system, modern sporting venues, coaches 'retraining courses, long term training exercises of the team and players' evaluation system are effective on the behavior of Iranian champions of sport with a scenario planning approach. .