Document Type : Research Paper


1 Professor in Sport Manager of Payame Noor University

2 Ph.D. student of Payame Noor University

3 Master of Business Administration at Tehran University


Innovation, entrepreneurship, job creation and applying them in private sports clubs are
unavoidable issues among people. In such a condition, paying attention to entrepreneurship
inhibiting factors including human resources (HR) inhibitions as well as behavioral inhibitions of
private sports clubs are absolutely significant. So that by eliminating or reducing HR &
behavioral inhibitions, the performance of sports clubs could be improved. In today’s world,
those clubs which are involved in job creation and entrepreneurship are more successful. The
present research is based on the experience of well-known managers of private sector in Iran’s
sports scopes, field studies, and interview. What can be concluded from the present
research about HR & behavioral inhibitions is as follows:attitudes and behavioral components of
the Iranian society in dependence on the government body and high demands from government,
distrust of human resources to private sector, jobbery of private sector, Government failure in
transferring affairs to private sector, general belief of Iranian society to do things individually,
rejection of sport community to the entry of capable people who are experienced in management
and financial affairs but do not have sport background, ups and downs of security issues and
investment security and its effect on the tendency to do things in the short term and quick impact
projects, desire of managers to short-term profits, legislation and legal barriers to lead private
sectors to quick financial incomes, high and formal control of managers, culture of task
management, concerns about regulatory and monitoring organs, obligations to apply job standards


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