Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Physical Education Department of Sport Management at Azad Taft University

2 University of Tehran

3 university of tehran

4 Assistant Professor of Educational Sciences, Payame Noor University

5 Sports Management at Payam Noor University Qeshm International


The aim of present study was to investigate the pattern of influential factors on outsourcing of sporting facilities in Tehran municipality. In order to, 385 experts and experts in the field of outsourcing, private sector investors and managers of Tehran municipal sports complex were selected by simple random method and based on Cochran formula. The research instruments were Freziani et al 42 questions (1394), a researcher – made questionnaire by Khedri et al (1394) and a 39- item questionnaire for Val and Peru, completed by participants. Regression finding indicate that there is a meaningful relationship between administrative corruption and outsourcing of sporting facilities (β=0/897), between political behaviors and outsourcing of sporting facilities in Tehran municipality (β=0/764) and between administrative corruption and political behaviors (β=0/736). According to non-standardized regression coefficients, 1/119 and 1/219 units of change in the outsourcing of sporting facilities in Tehran municipality can be made for a unit of change in administrative corruption and political behaviors respectively.


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