Document Type : Research Paper


1 Professor of Sport Management, Payame Noor University, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, Tehran, Iran

2 Associate Professor of Sport Management‎, Payame Noor University, and Faculty of Physical Education and Sport ‎Sciences, Gilan, Iran

3 Phd student pnu tehran


The purpose of this study was to investigate the status of marketing philosophy, competitive intelligence and integrated marketing communications in Iranian sport federations. The research method was descriptive-analytical. The statistical population of the study was all managers (senior, middle level and base managers) in sport federations with 700 people, who were selected 248 people by simple random sampling method. Research data collection tools included the Mahdieh and Karimi Marketing Philosophy Questionnaire (1395), Goldsson et al. (2012) competitive intelligence, and Lee and Park (2007) Integrated Marketing Communication. The validity of the questionnaires was confirmed by 10 experts and their reliability in a pilot test with 30 subjects with Cronbach's alpha Obtained for the questionnaire of marketing philosophy 0.926, competitive intelligence 0.935 and integrated marketing communication 0.939. Descriptive and inferential statistical methods including structural equations, Pearson correlation coefficient and single sample t test using Spss, Amos software were used for data analysis. The research results showed that the results of Pearson correlation coefficient shows that there is a positive and significant relationship between research variables (p <0.05). The results also showed that integrated marketing communications (t = -4.766), competitive intelligence (t = -8.243) and marketing philosophy (t = -7.255) are not in good standing in sports federations. Given these results, it can be argued that sports federations need to value these approaches more and more in order to be successful in all areas.


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