Document Type : Research Paper



The purpose of this research was to determine regressive analysis of the political intelligence and the political behavior of the general administration of youth and sport and the sport boards managers’ in Fars Province. Statistical population included all managers of Fars general administration of Youth and Sport and the sport boards (N = 114). Based on the Morgan table 86 managers were chosen simple randomly method for research sample. The Cooke, Kooli, Hilary, and Kout (1999) questionnaire of political intelligence with 20 questions and Atashpour (2010) questionnaire of political behavior with 29 questions were used to achieve the research objectives. Validity of the two questionnaires was confirmed by 15 experts of sport management and their reliability were studied in a pilot study with 30 subjects and calculated as 0.84, and 0.81 respectively. Analysis of the collected data done by descriptive approach and inferential statistics methods, including K-S, single sample t-test, regression through SPSS software. Results of the research showed that political intelligence and political behavior of managers are desirable and moderate level. There is a significant relationship between political intelligence and political behavior of managers. Finally the political intelligence predictable political behavior of managers is 66%.